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Farm and Agricultural Insurance in Minford, OH & Portsmouth, OH

Protecting Farmers and Agribusiness Owners in Minford and Throughout Southern Ohio

Whether it’s loss of a crop due to overly dry conditions, property damage that results from a fire, or profit losses that stem from changes in markets, the risks that farmers and agribusiness owners face are troublesome and costly.  This is one reason why farmers and agribusiness owners need protection.  Purchasing insurance is the best and easiest way to get necessary protection, and at Pfleger Insurance we have a comprehensive farm and agricultural insurance program.  We write effective and cost-efficient policies and packages through this program, and we are prepared to write them for your farm. 

We have access to many markets and can therefore write almost any policy for virtually anyone.  From hobby farms to large-scale crop farms, we can insure any Ohio faming operation.  We’re local, so we know and understand your needs. This will enable us to give you the best possible experiences and to therefore make having and using insurance easy.

Farm and Agricultural Insurance Coverage Details

Farm insurance can be purchased in policies or in packages.  Purchasing it in packages makes it easy to combine personal, farm, business, property, and liability insurance in one solution.  This is one reason why we provide farm and agricultural insurance packages whenever we can.  Depending on your needs, we’ll provide you with the policy and/or package that fits you.  If you need crop insurance or another type of insurance that’s separate from your policy or package, we’ll provide this insurance.

To get a look at some of the coverages that are available to you, see our list below.

  • Crop Insurance
  • Farm Owners Insurance
  • Farm Livestock Insurance
  • Equine Insurance
  • Farm Equipment Insurance
  • Farm Dwelling Insurance
  • Farm Structures Insurance
  • Farm Auto Insurance
  • Farm Umbrella Insurance
  • Farm Liability Insurance

You may be able to save time and money by taking advantage of benefits and discounts for which you may be eligible.  To learn about these benefits and discounts, contact an agent.

Experienced, Local Agents Providing You With Protection

We begin by thoroughly examining your needs and your operation.  We’ll perform on-site assessments if necessary and we’ll work on-on-one with you.  We’ll identify appropriate coverages and we’ll then create a solution that addresses any loss.  Once the solution that we create is in place, we’ll keep a close eye on it.  By monitoring your solution we will ensure that your coverages are right and that the price that you pay for your solution is competitive.

We’ll intervene in claims if necessary and we’ll then work with insurance companies in order to make sure that you get what you deserve.  These are just two ways in which we’ll support you.  There are more ways in which we’ll make sure that you have the best possible products and the finest services.

Contact us or give us a call today.  You can start on a policy by requesting a quote.


Additional Farm and Agricultural Insurance Information:

At Pfleger Insurance we’re proud to provide farm and agricultural insurance in Minford, Portsmouth, Waverly, Jackson, New Boston, and McDermott, OH.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve other states.