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Classic Car Insurance in Minford, OH & Portsmouth, OH

Keeping Classic Car Owners in Minford and Throughout Southern Ohio Secure

A scratch on a well-maintained paint job and a blotch on a well-cared-for piece of upholstery are two risks that classic car owners face.  These and other risks can be costly, and for this reason classic car owners need protection.  Insurance provides necessary protection, and at Pfleger Insurance we have a complete classic car insurance program. 

We’ve insured classic cars for many years and we offer a wide variety of coverages.  This is one reason why we’ll give you the best possible classic car insurance.  Also, we’re local and we collect classic cars ourselves, so we’ll know and understand your needs.  Knowing and understanding your needs will enable us to ensure that your experiences are great.

Classic Car Insurance Coverage Details

Classic car insurance is a lot like auto insurance that individuals use to insure the vehicles that they drive on regular bases.  It includes property damage and injury liability insurance and it also includes insurance that covers towing.  Classic car insurance also includes coverages that are not often found in auto insurance policies that individuals use to insure the vehicles that they drive on regular bases.  These coverages include parts and valuable vehicle components and also provisions for specialized repair or restoration shop visits.

The rates of classic car insurance policies depend on a number of factors, including car ages, car histories, and purposes for which cars are used.  They also depend on agreed value, which we will agree upon with you.

We’ll help you find the right coverages. The coverages from which you can choose include:

  • Liability Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Diminishing Deductible
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Minor Violation Forgiveness
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Specialty Auto Insurance
  • 24-Hour Customer Service
  • Towing
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Limited Use Coverage
  • Car Shows and Meetings Coverage
  • Secure Storage Coverage
  • Clean Driving Record Coverage
  • Preferred shop Coverage


As a client of ours you may be able to save time and money if you take advantage of benefits and discounts for which you may be eligible.  To learn about these benefits and discounts, speak with an agent.

Experienced, Skilled Agents Protecting You and Your Classic Car Against Risk

We write classic car insurance through American Modern, which is one of the premier classic car insurance companies in the nation.  Also, we sponsor motorsports events and we stay current on developments in the automotive industry and in car show industries.  For these reasons, we’ll provide you with the best possible insurance.

We regularly monitor the policies and plans that we write, and this ensures that there are never gaps in coverage and also that the rates that clients pay are always competitive. 

Contact us or call us today.  To start on a policy, request a quote.

Additional Classic Car Insurance Information:


At Pfleger Insurance we’re proud to provide classic car insurance in Minford, Portsmouth, Waverly, Jackson, New Boston, and McDermott, OH.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve other states.